Joe's New and Improved Web Page!!!
Hey, Good to see ya, Pleased to meet ya, Hi?
Hey everybody! I decided to do this web page so everybody I meet on the net can learn a little about me, and see a few pics of me and my good friends. To the right there will be a mosaic of my friends pictures once I get them scanned into the computer!
About me....
To the right!!! This isnt the best of my senior pics, mainly becuase you cant see my eyes, but its pretty alright. As you can see, I am pretty attached to my guitar :) I love to play music and have built up quite a collection of guitars in the past few years (I have about 14 now) I spend alot of my time just writing music, and playing my guitar. There isnt alot to do untill college starts. I dont currently have a girlfriend, *the last couple kinda burned me out mentally :)* As you can see, I have dark brown hair, and I have dark brown eyes. I kinda have an indian meets dutch look :) Anyways, enough about me...... .

My interests: Music, Guitars, and Girls!!
yup, Thats about my main intrests! As far as guitars are concerned, I mainly try to collect unique and unusual pawn shop specials. None of them are in mint condition, but they all have serious character. They guitars I play the most are modeled after Eddie Van Halen's Striped Kramers. I love my guitars :) As far as music, I am seriously into 80's hard rock. I love GnR, Van Halen, and motley crue!. They are my favorites!! To the left you will see a pic of my hero, W Axl Rose(poor axl has really hit rock bottom lately...) I WILL be a gunner one day...
Favorite Links

Van Halen!! Need I say more?
See above!!

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